Monday, December 28, 2009

A few new sketches

I did these pencil sketches over the holidays. (sorry the pictures are so light. It's hard to photograph pencil on paper) They were inspired by this goldfish ornament of mine. I think I'll keep him out year round. Hopefully by next week I can start turning some of these drawings into paintings.

I have to say, this Christmas was probably one of the easiest, most pleasant holidays to date. We kept things simple which allowed more time to enjoy our family and friends. I feel soooo rested....... almost too rested. It's been hard to get back in the swing of things. This morning I was in a creative fog and needed to motivate myself to give the studio some much needed TLC.
So I decided to tear it all apart. Time to move things around and give it a deep cleaning before the new year. Boy was it dirty! I'm about half way through and feeling overwhelmed by it all. Do you ever start a project and then second guess yourself? I'm there, but I can't go back now. Classes start back up on Saturday, so I have a deadline. Wish me luck.


  1. I love the first one ~ ("this is embarrassing") ~ made me laugh.
    I am happy to hear you had a good Christmas ~ enjoy moving things around some more. I love that feeling.
    I'm excited today ~ in a couple hours we will arrive at my parents and I'll get to see the painting! I think we're going to put it in our main room... Photo to follow!

  2. I love that fish ornament and your drawings of it! You have such a fluid hand.

    Good luck putting your studio back together. I'll be tearing up the house soon for New Year's cleaning. Glad you got a much-deserved rest.

  3. Love the fishy's!!
    thanks for visiting my blog, the snow can be found here:

    Micki x