Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Student Spotlight-- Francesca

Miss Francesca is 12 years old and wise way beyond her years. I like to tease her that she's 12 going on sixty. She's the only girl I know that has mastered so many different skills at such a young age. Oh yeah.......and she speaks more than one language!

Here's a little interview I did with her after class today.

Me- What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Francesca- Soccer, painting, hula, playing rock band (with friends), surfing, guitar, crochet, making jewelry, and helping out at the Pannikin. (This is just this years list. When I met her she was also playing the saxophone and ice skating.)

Me- What do you want to be when you grow up?

Francesca- A forensic doctor

Me- huh? gross!...........I guess somebody has to do it.

Me- Tell me which class project has been your favorite?

Francesca- My favorite project so far was the "Bamboo" mural and the one we're doing right now. (Yellow Submarine)

Me- Do you have a boyfriend? (I ask her this all the time and always get the same response plus an eye roll)

Francesca- No!!! .....sadly

Me- does that mean you want one now? (total silence fills the room)

Me-Who's your most inspiring teacher? (trick question)

Francesca- You of course.........and my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Campbell.

Favorite music--Lady Gaga, The Police, The Beatles, Tool, and Radio Head

Favorite Books--Ugglies, The Twilight series and Psycho


  1. Does Francesca have a Fan Page on Facebook? Cuz, I know I wouldn't be the only one on there if she did.

    ...does Fortuna have a Fan Page on Facebook? I'd be sooooo on that one too!

    Francesca, if you're reading this, tell Mortimer to get off the couch!

  2. Very sweet post! Francesca, I'm sure, is just waiting to find a fellow as accomplished as she is!

  3. Ahh .. the lovely talented Francesca!!!

    The bamboo looks amazing!!

    Those eyes are not 12 year old eyes... a lot going on behind them!!

  4. Fun interview! ~ i love that it gives a glimpse into both your personalities too.

    {& I hope all my comments make sense. I am beyond tired, but wanted to come visit your blog!}