Thursday, January 21, 2010

Look what the rain brought in

This little cutie stopped by today and was so excited to see a Valentine project ready for her in the studio. We had a good time constructing a garland with fake rose petals and personalized Valentine hearts for her family.
A little bird told me she's been REALLY wanting to take an art class because her dad is now one of my students. Above is a fish drawing he did this week, which by the way is his first drawing ever. Pretty impressive for someone who's never taken an art class. I guess talent runs in the family.


  1. Aww she's got such a lovely happy face! looks like her dad was having fun too :)
    His fish drawing is fantastic!!

  2. That's an impressive first drawing! Did it take him long to do? Some people seem to be great see-ers, in that they naturally get the angles/curves etc right. He must be one of them :)