Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before and After

Remember these chairs I scored back in September? Well, I finally got around to recovering them. I ended up using a blue, brown and white upholstery weight fabric I bought from Etsy.
I love that these chairs swivel! Don't you think they go well in my studio? Should I paint the green table white now or is that just adding a whole new unnecessary project?
I just hope my students don't get any paint on them. Maybe I should make extra covers?
They already think I'm neurotic when it comes to messes. I admit, I'm only comfortable with my own mess.

So it seems that I subconsciously had a news years resolution and didn't know it (other than wanting a new kitchen).
I am determined to finish all my little projects around the house. Painting walls, furniture, recovering chairs, sewing a duvet, etc...etc....

One by one, they are getting done. It feels so good.

So....tomorrow I'm taking the soldering class at Urban Barn. It's an all day class and I'm so excited. If my project doesn't look too lame I'll post it here.

Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend! Karin


  1. beautiful!! Yes I would make covers if you are worried, cuz, really its inevitable :) then you can be worry free! Feels good to get stuff done:) Just cleaned out all the bathroom cupboards. I had nail polish in there from middle school, WOW.

  2. Oh my gosh those chairs are amazing! Nice work sista'!

  3. Another project to cross off the list. Love the fabric!