Monday, January 24, 2011

My Soldering Class Review how do I put this........
Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed. If I was to give this class a grade it would be a C-.

Sure, there were some good things. The space was amazing and the table set up was lovely. The other students were very friendly and helpful.

And now for the bad.

First of all, I have taken A LOT of classes, taught many classes of my own over the years and the one thing that I've come to realize is that just because someone does something well, doesn't mean they can teach. Our instructor just sort of floated around the room. She was very quiet and seemed a little bored. My friend and I were left to just fend for ourselves, relying on our neighbors with experience to give us pointers. (oh yeah, people flew in from all over the country to take this class. Like craft cult groupies!)

No demonstration or troubleshooting tips on how to use and care for our soldering tool. ( which by the way is super easy to damage)

Trust me when I say I'm not one that needs a lot of hand holding and can pick things up pretty quickly, but I would like to know at least the names of the things I'm using.

The class was supposed to be from 9am to 5pm with a delicious lunch included. Cost for the class- $150.

My friend and I arrived right on time and proceeded to wait another hour while everyone mingled and ate danishes. I think I would have rather had that extra hour of sleep.
For lunch, they ordered pizza which I kid you had 3 inches of cheese on top.

I learned more from the five minute U-tube video I watched the day before. I'm also glad I brought some of my own stones to solder into necklace pendants.
We were all supposed to make crowns which is fine but I'm not really into the whole tiara glitter thing. I wanted to make something I would use so I made a votive holder. It came out okay. The pendants turned out much nicer and I can't wait to do some more.

So there you have it. Now I know what people mean when they say they are self taught artists. They must have taken this class. I think they should have charged $45 and I'd bring my own lunch.

My venting is over and now I can move on to more uplifting topics.


  1. Lol, i'm so sorry but I had to giggle, that sounds just like the kind of luck I have with things.
    I see all these people online talk about their amazing life changing experiences when they go to retreats and take classes etc
    I am the kind of person that ends up in a class like you did.
    I am secretly glad i'm not the only one ;)
    I know it really isn't funny and I am sympathetic, honest I am, I know how it feels, but you know what they say?....If it doesn't kill you it just makes you stronger right? maybe not so great at soldering, but stronger all the same ;)


    Micki x

  2. So glad you liked it Micki. I just don't want anyone to waste their money. Wouldn't it be great if there were proffessional class critics giving reviews like they do for restuarants? Now that would be a fun job. If I had known it was more of a social event I would have opted out.

  3. Hmm.. that kinda wild .. it AMAZES me that the teacher would feel she could do a class, charge that amount and not explain EVERYTHING and then demonstrate it..??? umm.. that's weird

  4. Sometimes classes stink. I know I shy away from them because like you I like to move ahead faster, or do my own thing, or can figure out a better way to do something. I am glad I do not teach classes, I think I would be a bad teacher :) Why you ask? Lack of patience with giggly women (lol).

    I went to the scrapbook store the other day and there was a class going on. They were sitting in front of the bazzill so had to scoot on in so I could get what I needed. They were all cackling. I have no idea why I get so scared of giggly women!! AHHH!!! hahaahaaha :) I know, I'm weird!

  5. Ha! I cracked up when you said "you lacked patience with giggly women."

    There just happened to be a sign above the doorway that said "Laughter and Giggles Welcome"

    You know the old saying....."the writings on the wall. "

  6. What a bummer! I don't feel bad for bailing on you now. :) BUT, it just so happens that my hubs is an amazing solderer and could probably show us a thing or two. NO class. Just red wine and snacks and solder and tools at my place. And it's free. :) Email me 'cause I'm serious!

  7. I know this is a late post, but I had the same experience a couple of days prior to your class with the same teacher. I was had to watch everyone else to learn and I asked the teacher once (she was nice, but seemed to be catching up on craft gossip) if I was doing it right and she glanced over to me and said yes. I had so many questions after I was done. I asked what the name of the items were, where can I find the cheapest ones, ect. I felt like I was prying secrets from her.
    After the class was over they tried to sell me a ticket (150.00) to try it again in their next class.
    No Thanks! I wish I could find a nicer teacher and really learn to solder.