Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Does anyone have any recommendations for a good satin sealer/varnish? It's almost time to turn in my banner for the Arts Alive banner project and I'd really like to protect it from the elements. (rain, salt air, bird poop etc)
She most definitely would look pretty sad covered in grime at the auction.

The banner itself is a plastic sort of material so I need something that dries well and not sticky. I'd appreciate any advise. Karin


  1. Karen, check out this link:

    I am sure you know that Golden makes some of the best stuff around, and their clear coats and varnishes are no different. I would imagine Rhino would carry these? Idk you'd have to look. Definitely go with something UV, it would be so sad to see premature fading. I have worked with a lot of Golden products and they are my favorite!


  2. I will give it a shot. I've used golden products but never the varnish. Thank you so much.

  3. I suggest Golden varnishes too. Check this link out-
    I have followed this advice on an outdoor mural that has lasted a couple of years now outdoors in the Arctic. You have to scroll to the finished mural part. If you do varnish, be careful to go in single strokes- dont scrub or go back and forth- it can cause air bubbles and make a milky finish. I learned that the hard way once and had to re paint a huge section. Good luck! Pretty painting!

  4. Thanks Annie
    Guess I need to make a run to the art store.