Friday, January 7, 2011

Corners of my house

Once the decorations were packed away I couldn't help but noticed the neglected corner and wall in my front room. Two walls are blue and the one on the window side was still green. I've been meaning to paint it the same sand color that flows into the entryway but never got around to it.
Yesterday, I did it! A fresh coat of paint, new curtains and yet another game of musical furniture.

The birch branches in the corner were salvaged from one of our trees that recently died. They were just too pretty to throw out.

One home project down................and many... many more to go.


  1. I love your house, every time you show piccies it seems so calm and cozy!!

  2. It looks great ~ as always! That's a nice white frame on the green painting you have there. I've been searching for a nice white wooden one for my summer print lately. I found one, but it didn't come in 8x10, so may have to go to a framers and see what they can do for me :)