Sunday, January 2, 2011

Was it the soup?

How did this child turn from this to this? It must have been the soup.
I love that Ethan showed up for dinner in his pj's.

So tonight I informed the family that my soup kitchen was open which meant we had nine for dinner... instantly. I served the potato leek soup recommended by Georgia from Modern Crush which was a big hit. Recipe here.
I made two versions.... vegetarian for my veggie side of the family and the original recipe with bacon. The vegetarian version won by a landslide. Go figure?
Also, you really don't need to add the flour since it has potatoes. I will definitely make this again. T'was perfect soup for a rainy day.

We ended the night with lots of games in my studio, plenty of wine, chocolate and then popcorn to seal the evening.

I then I tossed them out the door when I was done for the night. That's what I call a perfect evening.

I know...... I'm supposed to be hibernating, but I had to share.


  1. Magic soup!
    I made potato and cheese soup from Laurel's Kitchen tonight. You have inspired me to make soups. So yummy.

    I'm trying to hibernate, but it's not working.

  2. Woot! Three cheers for soup! Cant believe the one without bacon won, but wow, I will have to try it that way too!