Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Before and After

Check it out! I found this great little vanity chair and it swivels!

The blue velvet fabric was beyond tired so I decided to brighten it all up with some of my spring chickadee fabric. Instead of ordering it in an upholstery wieght, I ironed interfacing to the back which made it super strong. The metal base was sprayed a pretty leaf green.
This chair has inspired a whole line of repurposed vintage goods in turquoise, orange, lime and green. Many are available at Barrels and Branches right now and some I'm having a hard time parting with.
Now I want to redesign my space over there and promise to share pictures as soon as I'm done.


  1. Love the chair it looks fabulous!!

  2. Karin! This chair is to die for! Tomorrow is my day off and I'm heading to Barrel's and Branches to check out the rest of your goods. I had so much fun finally meeting you!