Saturday, February 12, 2011

more.....Before and After projects

Because my main focus right now is finishing all the projects lingering around the house, I have some more before and afters to share with you.

Remember the metal locker I got a few weeks ago? Well, it took some major elbow grease and lots of spray paint..but it's done. I call it "holy sh*#t green" and no it's not for sale.
I haven't found a permanent location for it yet, but since I'll probably never come across one again.. it's a keeper.

Next....the enamel numbers. I put the 23 on the door to my art studio and the five is a magnet on the locker. That task was easy and took maybe 5 minutes tops.

Lastly....Look at these rad folding tables!
I forgot to get a shot of them before I started but if you try to envision them in a poop brown color then maybe you'll be able to appreciate the transformation. How great are these? They stack so perfectly on their own stand.
Sorry.....they are not for sale either (yet). If I don''t use them in the next few months then I will consider selling them. I hate having stuff around that I don't use.


  1. You've been a busy bee! I'm jealous that you've finished so many projects. Everything looks the colors of the tables, and LOVE the locker. The numbers look very vintagey-cool. We're planning on buying a couple of old school lockers later...I'll have to remember to ask you how you managed to make it look so good.

  2. I Love your before and afters! Reminds me of the days I use to buy old furniture and have fun repainting them for my cottage. Your paint colors are awesome, what paint brand are they? Really love your portable tables, super cute!