Friday, February 18, 2011

I am in treasure hunt heaven!

So where do I begin? I know I promised pictures of my space over at Barrels and Branches, but I also included a few things I foraged this week. It's been a very good week for vintage.

-Check out the cool industrial little table. I'm thinking of making a second shelf for the bottom part. This will be such a great display piece until it finds its forever home.
-The globe just sold today along with a few of the blue jars I just found.
-I'm so excited about the giant pickle jar! You can never find them with the lid. Wouldn't it look so pretty filled with honey? (BYW..we have a fresh batch of honey for my local gals that want some. Let me know, it'll go fast.)
Am I the only one who's nutty for this sort of stuff?
The stainless steel table stands 40" tall and will be mounted somewhere in my art studio. That was the deal of the day. Can you believe I only paid $5 bucks for it? Crazy I tell you. The supplies alone would cost me $150.
I also found another metal locker but I'm saving it for my next before and after post. It's going to take some serious elbow grease.

Tomorrow.....I promise to snap some pictures of my art students at work. They are just reaching their comfort zone.... and if I'm sly enough they won't see me with my camera.

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