Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After-Vintage Hutch

Look at my new baby! A friend of mine bought this old house about a year ago and is planning to tear it down. I got there just in time to harvest this beautiful hutch. I know what you're thinking.......why demo this cute old house? But in reality....this house was done. Termites had completely eaten their way through the log cabin and every room was falling apart. I even had to treat part of the hutch for termites. This house was well used up and it was it's time. (note to builder--log cabins by the beach won't last long in our termite town)

Because this piece was built-in to the wall, our friend reconstructed the whole backside and put the drawers back together. It took 2 coats of primer, and 2-3 coats of paint and a good soapy bath to get the crud off the glass knobs. Look at the original paper in the drawers. Isn't it rad? Just wiped them down and they look as good as new.

Now my plan is to paint the walls a light airy citron color which seems to be so hard to find right now. Not too green, not too yellow. Anybody have any recommendations?

Can't wait to show you when it's done.


  1. Very nice! I thought you'd added the drawer paper until I read that you hadn' does look cool.

  2. Karin! You took the word right out of my mouth - rad. What a find! And that house! To die for. Is that in Encinitas? So sad that it's been taken over by termites - ah the joys of living near the ocean. : )

    Love what you've done with your hutch!

  3. absolutely amazing!

    I'm glad you could save a small piece of that unique home!

    Almost friday my friend! enjoy!

  4. My first thoughts were...why tear down that adorable house, but then I read on...termites, but thank goodness you made it in time to save that wonderful hutch. It looks gorgeous and everything in it too! Is that all McCoy? I like the color of your space looks great!

    I found your blog at Fern and Feather and I love it!

  5. Annie- the damage was so bad you could literally grab a chunk of the log cabin exterior with you bare hands.
    My pottery is a mix of McCoy, shawanee and various others.

  6. Karin this is a stunning b&a! Oh and this reminds me that I have a little something for you. Will you be home Sunday around 10:30 am?

    What about Martha Stewart, have you checked out her paint colors?

  7. See, this kind of talent is just so important. The ability to turn something old into something awesome, that fits right in your house. I love it! I want to be just like you! :)