Friday, March 25, 2011

Totally Random

I thought I'd start the weekend with some random pictures I snapped this week. A vintage buffet I stuck in my space over at Barrels and Branches. Also, lots of vintage pottery. (sorry, no picture)
Do the candles look familiar? No...they're not mine. I sold my business to Calypso Candles and they are now available at Barrels and Branches as well. So if your candle stash is low, you know where to go. They're working on their website and I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

Lastly, I had to post a picture of the first orchid I ever got to re-bloom. I was one of those people who just threw them away once they were spent. No more! A friend told me to give it a little water every day or so and it really works. ( no special fertilizers needed)

Have a great weekend, Karin


  1. lovely!

    I've been looking for a buffet like that for a while! Do you know of any good places in the SD area to look? I live up in Oceanside...

    The orchid is beautiful...I was oohing and ahhing the flowers at the nursery the other day, and sad I dont have a garden or yard to plant any in.

  2. I used to throw them away too...I read on Janet from the Gardeners Cottage blog to water it with weak coffee... Yours is gorgeous!