Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What crazy people do for fun!

Yeah.....I know.......it's March and the water's 58 degrees, but our groupon kayak tour was about to expire so we had to do it.

Truth is.......it was fabulous! The sun was out and we were plenty warm in full suits. As for the group shot of us (Nelz behind the camera), I'm just as confused as you. Semi-humping, crazy dancing, and Zuri may have had an accident in his wetsuit.

The views were AMAZING! I have always wanted to see La Jolla cove from down there. Lots of sea lions, some fish, caves, beautiful kelp and good times. I definitely want to come back this summer but without the suit, jacket and helmet. Since we all look so dorky, it felt okay.

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  1. Yeah Karen! This is why I love where we live! Kayaking in freakin March!