Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nutella Party

Today was a belated "World Nutella Day" celebration hosted by the lovely and talented Alexis from Fern and Feather. We all made our favorite nutella treats and spent the morning drinking coffee and telling stories.......really.......really good stories. I now have so much dirt on these girls! ha ha ha ha ha

Just look at the beautiful way Alexis set up the dessert bar. I love how she pays attention to the little details. She's pretty much perfect in my book.

T'was a fantastic way to start the day, but I don't think I can handle any sweets for the rest of the year.


  1. YEAH!!!! so much fun.... your are hosting next ;)... felting party... bring 5 bucks and a dish... sounds like heaven to me!!! oxoxo

  2. Karin... It was so good to see you!!!! Had a blast chatting... I'm still full & feel so sick! :)

  3. so much fun with you today! i love love love my honey and and shell!!!! you are the sweetest friend:)

    ps. i'll pay to take any of your craft classes! where do i sign up?

  4. I am with Alexis. FELTING PARTY!!!

    I just had some of your d'lish honey on my toast--thanks so much for thinking of me and for my shell. It was great seeing you yesterday!

  5. karin, it was so nice to finally meet you (or re-meet you, i guess..) Thnk you for my lovely shell, it is sitting on my shelf.
    & pretty please can you add me to any and all Karin Grow related emails.

  6. I had a blast with you yesterday - so many laughs! Looking forward to the felting class!

  7. Karin, this party looked so tasty and was styled so cute! It reminded me of the birthday dessert party I had a year ago at my house that you came too! Also, please add me to your art studio felting class or other crafts invite list!!! I will bring a festive cocktail to share:)