Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing Musical Furniture...... again

You may notice by now that it always seems to be the front room that gets the Ol-'switch-a-roo, but I think it finally looks pulled together.
It's so sad to have to cover the pretty couch with blankets, but as you can see, Max and Bob have taken this room for themselves. (notice the paw prints walking across my favorite little sofa with crewel work fabric!) I guess repeatedly telling them to stay off it isn't quite working.


  1. your home always looks so immaculate and relaxing! & i am still so in love with your summer painting. The full length mirror in the corner fits really well too. I always leave you blog wanting to rearrange our home!

  2. Ah....yeah....about that. I tidy up all the floating fur balls and stuff before I snap the picture. My house gets dirty fast!