Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something different-- a Tutorial

I had this idea mulling around in my head for awhile and yesterday my supplies finally arrived from Dick Blick art supplies. I haven't used frisket in so long and was excited to mess with it again. Literally it's been about 20+ years.

Quick background history for those of you may not know........

Right out of high school I went to work for an professional artist painting tile murals and GIGANTIC illustrations on canvas that would be painted in her studio and wallpapered on to our clients walls. She had a huge loft studio on Cedros when the street was more of an artists haven than a design district. After five years she hired an assistant for me but I was getting so burned out and tried of airbrushing with ceramic glazes. What I really am grateful for is that I learned so much about different techniques and also the whole business side of being an artist.

So now back to the tutorial.....

1) I cut some birch wood and sanded the edges
2) Applied clear frisket and drew some schefflera branches on it
3) With an x-acto blade, I cut out my image and peeled of the background
4) Covered the whole board with white paint to seal the edges so they wouldn't bleed
5) Painted several layers of different colors on top. (let each layer dry completely)
6) Peel off the rest of the image to show the original wood.

It turned out okay but did end up bleeding a little bit. I guess the wood was either too porous or maybe I should have sprayed a primer first..... but I was all out. I'm also thinking of rubbing wood stain on it too cause I'm not sure if I like the light wood coming through and wish it had more grain to it. If any of you give this a shot, let me know how it went. Karin

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