Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Lowlights

My family likes to play hard which usually means there will be casualties.

FYI--Ugg boots.....not good for baseball, especially on asphalt. I learned the hard way.
All I can remember is that my feet stopped abruptly .......and I was flying. My family was either laughing their heads off or rushing to see if I was okay. Anica may have soiled herself. After some cleaning and bandaging, I was back in the game.
Then cute little Ethan who was having such a great time retrieving fly balls from the neighbors juniper bushes......ate it on the asphalt.
We are now on the same team called "winners"

Next gathering will be at Cat/Zuri's who live across the street from on a real baseball field.

Hope you had a great Easter!


  1. Your Easter sounds fabulous! Ours was a bit "restrained".
    P.S. Had a fantastic time at your felting workshop!