Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here are a few containers that needed to be refreshed in my front walkway.
The beauty of succulents is that you can propagate them so easily.

The window screen was rescued from the old beach house that I harvested the vintage hutch from. I tied different tillandsia plants (air plants) with fishing line and was thinking of hanging them from the eves outside my art studio.

Sorry, I'd love to write a more exciting post here but I've been painting all day and my brain is fried. I'll have some new pieces to show you soon! Till then, have a great day. Karin


  1. I'm a big succulent lover..these look great!!!
    hmm.. I've always wanted some air plants.. I need to get on that!

  2. You should get some! They are so easy and I was able to break mine up into smaller baby plants which is good because they're not cheap.