Friday, May 27, 2011

Corners of my house

I recently bought this triple galvanized stand from a really nice shop owner on Etsy. It needed a minor repair when it arrived but now it's as good as new.
My initial idea was to use it to hold glassware for parties but it really can't handle a lot of weight so instead it's part of my garden table. What do you think?

Oh, and I had to sneak a picture of Betty in. This is her new favorite spot in the yard. I don't mind her sleeping all day since she works the night shift around here. Hardest working cat ever. Sure wish her work ethic would rub off on the other two.


  1. Love it --- looks very interesting there with all the things you've placed in it. Nice.

    Did you see my last goose post? She's HUGE!

  2. lol we have a big wood salad bowl that sits on its very own stand in the dining room. Guess who likes to sleep inside it? KITTEH!!!!!

    I love the pictures you posted - all of them!


  3. your cat is adorable! i have a galvanized stand that is just sitting in my pantry. i should do something fun like this.

    have a great weekend!