Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holy Yard Sale Batman!

My neighbor and I decided to get up early this morning because a friend was having a group yard sale and we knew we'd find something good. What we didn't know is that the whole block was one giant sale. I scored on a handmade quilt (which I love), a cute blue table, vintage seltzer bottles and old wooden cabinet (actually, I got those last week), and a couple baskets plus some odds and ends. Check out the title on the back of my funky 1968 painting! There's no way I'd leave that behind. The lady said it was painted by an old friend of hers.... who evidently didn't have children of her own.

Why do I always find things when I'm trying to clear out? Isn't that always the way.

Greta....tell your sister I LOVE the quilt and the pillow covers she made! Even Art was shocked when I told him it was only $20 bucks. It has already followed me out to the hammock and around the house. I feel like Linus on Charlie Brown.


  1. You always make such good finds, I never seem to find anything except for old apothecary bottles, of which I have tons!!! lol ;)

  2. Karin - I'm glad the quilt went to a good home. I'm sure it is having a much nicer time in your hammock, as opposed to sitting in a box in my garage. Thanks for buying.
    Maja (greta's sister)

  3. I just screamed at the sight of that blue table!!!! So dang cute!