Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New at Barrels and Branches

I just filled my space over at Barrels and Branches with more vintage furniture and some plantings in old concrete urns and vintage pottery.
This gate-leg table is such a solid piece and so great for small spaces. It was hard to let go of the turquoise and white stool but I already have one of my own. I love things that are cute and practicle at the same time.

Okay then........ back to painting.


  1. Well, you filled it up and I helped you empty it a bit today! :-) I got your Shawnee Polynesian girl, and she's looking rather nice on my table right now. I also bought on of your turquoise dishes, a magnesium/lavender bottle, and some of your friend's yummy candles. Missed that garage sale by two hours, so I had to get my fix!

    If you ever paint a chair to match the little green table I bought in your booth, let me know Karin! I'm on the lookout for something charming. I hope your sale went well today and the art classes are fun!

    Hope to see you soon.

  2. P.S. Add a Ball jar to my booty! :-) (as in pirate's booty, not the other kind;-)