Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting...painting..........and more painting!

The North Park Festival is in two weeks so I've been painting away and there is plenty more to do.
Here are a set of three GIANT sea life paintings on wood that I just finished. I'm thinking of hanging them from my tent which will offer both shade and a little ambiance. Then they will be off to the Sea Rocket Bistro for the month of July along with some smaller pieces. I'll give you more info on that when the time comes.
Right now I need to just focus on painting.........which is really hard when the weather is so hot and the beach is calling my name. I did get to spend yesterday soaking up the sun with my family so I'm good for now.... just wish the water would warm up.


  1. these are gorgeous..I really love the blue!
    Hope the fair goes smashingly well!

  2. I saw on their site that you were their featured artist this year?! Congratulations!! I went on that page and while I didnt particularly recognize the first painting of yours they show I thought to myself, hmmm that style looks all too familiar... and then I scrolled down and saw your name :)



  3. Thanks Modern Crush! I can't wait till the festival but I do wish there were a few more days in the week to get ready.