Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend--art classes

Here are some examples of what my students were doing in art class this weekend. I decided to go super old school this month and have them focus on their drawing skills using still life objects. Last week it was dried poppy pods in charcoal.
Once they get to a certain comfort level on their piece, I like to sit with them an draw along.
Today's assignment was to draw their hand. Why is there a bird in the mix?.........Because I didn't feel like drawing my hand or using charcoal that day. Part of being the teacher means that no one can tell me what to draw. ha ha
Looks a little different from my normal style eh, but this is how I have to draw when teaching. My job is to teach them classical art techniques so they'll be more confident with their ability later when they're developing their own style. I don't want them drawing the same thing over an over, stuck in a rut. It would be so great to see them when they're 30 or 40 and how their art has evolved. Since I know a lot of these kids from birth, I'm sure I'll get the chance. I'll be the old lady with wrinkles, a white bun on her head, and paint all over my apron.

Anyway....... didn't they do a great job?
My second class also produced some amazing watercolors which unfortunately I forgot to get a shot of. I'll see if they'll bring them back next week so I can show you.

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  1. Wow, your bird is amazing!!! I love to see hand drawn work. It seems as if computers are taking over in the art world too. It's nice to see something done by hand. Especially when someone has great talent like yourself.