Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My cat......the stoner

I vaguely remember sprinkling a package of cat nip seeds in this old terracotta pot. Someone gave them to me and there they sat for several months on the counter. I remember picking it up and thinking "just go throw it in the yard and it'll be out of the way"
Then this plant started to grow and we all thought it was mint but smelled kind of like pot. It got bigger. We soon realized that it was the cat nip when Max would bury his face in it and fall into a deep trance. His eyes would become dilated and I'd find him sleeping in some pretty crazy uncomfortable positions. He's also been climbing in every bodies car lately. That I'm not too happy about.

I'm now trying to dry some of it and make my kitties cat nip toys for Christmas. Who could possibly be thinking of Christmas this soon? That would be me......number one pet parent....or parent of a stoner. What ever you want to call me.

So here are some recent shots of him passed out in my studio. Classic


  1. I think rehab is the only answer. and tough love.

  2. we have several pots of catnip growing at our house - our cats LOVE it. It is so hilarious to watch them!! I feel so guilty laughing at them sometimes, but I just can't help it!