Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Walk 2011-recap

It's funny..... every Art Walk I've participated in has been so different and unpredictable. You never know what's going to be the best seller of the day or what type of crowd will come.
What I can count on are my local friends and family hanging out throughout the day and my friend Kathi who lives right around the corner bringing me a margarita from her bike basket at closing time. That is the best!
I also loved having artist Steve Burrows artwork next to me. Isn't this a great VW bug painting? He has a great style and can't wait to book him for the Pannikin next year.
Oh yeah, I've been appointed the artist curator for the Pannikin and have been looking for local talent to book for next year.

These pictures are me messing around with my new Iphone. I kind of wish they were lighter, but since I'm just learning how to use this devise, I'll cut myself some slack.


  1. it was so nice to see you today! love the pick of Malley. Estate sales & lunch soon please.

  2. i think your friend kathi is awesome! shows can be so stressful so a nice ending is always good. enjoy the iphone!

  3. So sorry I missed it! Looks like a wonderful show! I will look out for the next one. Are those your paintings in the top picture? if not, I would love to know who the artist is? xo Samantha