Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's up?

I wish I could say that my less than frequent posts here are due to laziness.....sleeping in, going to the beach, having coffee with friends. Sounds like a dream. The truth is, the last few weeks have been CRAZY! Mostly good things, some bad, and all very time consuming.
I also told myself I'd never apologize for neglecting my blog... cause I really hate those posts. So rather than bore you with my ongoing list of things to do, I will try to be brief.

There are babies about to be born, a sister's wedding in a couple weeks, an art hanging at the Pannikin, reorganizing the pannikin's art submission process, custom paintings in the works and a list of new stuff waiting to be added to the shop. There's furniture to paint, meetings to schedule and vet bills. (Our Eddie has been diagnosed with a rare skin disease on his feet! Poor little guy)

*I'm also suffering from a case of I-Phone addiction. Any advise? I caught myself (a few times) texting while in the company of friends. I thought I'd never do that.....that's one of my biggest peeves... and I'm ashamed.

I will be back when I can formulate a clear thought. Until then, have a great rest of the week. Karin


  1. That top photo looks so relaxing!
    The only advice I can give you re. iphoning is to turn it to silent and leave it in your bag when you're out with people. I then check when they use the bathroom or go get another drink etc. My problem is being attached to it when at home. I can be in another room but tend to come running as soon as it beeps!
    Enjoy all the busy-ness and I hope Eddie's feet get better soon.