Sunday, November 27, 2011


This year my friend Shannon and I brought our families together to celebrate Thanksgiving. (about 15 for dinner, and another 7 came for the after party)
Since she was housesitting on the bluff, the owners (which are also good friends) offered their house up for the festivities. Here is a view from their deck. Isn't it dreamy?
Shannon....I know you don't read my blog so you'll never see this photo I posted of you. Whaaaahaahaa! (It was super bright out and we didn't have hats, so we stuck food baskets on our heads.

I managed to get only two pictures of the appetizers and the trifle I made for dessert. In case you're wondering... it's layered with brownies, vanilla pudding, fresh berries, and whipped cream. So goooood.

Check back tomorrow for some pre-artist market pictures. It's been a long week but I feel like I'm ahead of schedule (I think?).

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  1. Yes!!!!!!! You captured Shannon perfectly!!!!! Looks awesome Karin!!! My little girl is turning two in January! I saw you when I was 5 weeks pregnant. That's how fast time is flying!!! Hope you are well!!! Give everyone my love!!