Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Still trying to catch up

The last few weeks, or maybe it's been months (I've lost track), have gone by so quickly I can barely remember where I left off here.
I really thought today would be my first real day off....Boy, was I wrong.
This week I'm really going to focus on getting back in the studio and painting, painting, painting. Next month is my show at the Pannikin and I have several paintings I'd like to finish to complete a few different series I've got mulling around in my head.

So I'm going to rewind the clock and share with you a few of my latest (fun) distractions.

~First off, my little nephew Healey posing in front of my painted street banner right before they auctioned it off. (I really love the hipstamatic app on the I-phone, but sometimes it's a bit too orangey on the skin)

~My Whale painting which I titled "Whale Preserve" is finished and just in time for the group show at the Pannikin. Last night was spent hanging all the artist's paintings and also having special guest Matt Mahoney who spent hours on a 15ft ladder hanging his giant fish sculptures made from recycled materials of cardboard and duct tape. They look so amazing swimming through the upstairs of the cafe. If you live close, you should go check it out! This is the Pannikin's first 3-d installation.

-Some fresh cupcakes I made for a very special girls sweet sixteen party.

-And lastly, the first annual Lavender Art Festival was last Saturday. An amazing plot of land belonging to my friend/host who thought it would be cool to gather her artist friends and share her garden to the locals in good ole' funky Leucadia (Encinitas). Can't wait to do it again next year.

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